Creative Ways To Catch Cheaters

One of the sad facts of marriage is that not everyone stays faithful. There are cheaters in relationships. But what can you do if you suspect that your other half is seeing someone else? Well, read on to find out the things that have foiled real life cheaters below, to get some ideas on how to catch cheaters.


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Faith, 29  


I had been married for three years when I started to notice that my husband wasn’t as interested in the bedroom anymore. At first, I didn’t think anything of it as we have two kids and he works hard so was tired all of the time.


But I started to get really suspicious when I suggested having some fun together, and he just wasn’t interested. That is when I decided to ask around and see if anyone knew anything. My mother always used to say if you want to know anything about anyone ask the women first and that’s just what I did.


Of course, it wasn’t long until I found out that in the business next to his there was a very attractive lady that he was spending his lunch hours with. I heard that someone times they would disappear for hours on end and not come back till late in the afternoon.


I considered confronting him, but thought better of it and paid a visit to his lady friend instead. She seemed genuinely shocked to know that he had a wife and children at home, as he had taken his wedding ring off and even talked about their future.


Things seem to have tapered off since I talked to her, and he must know what I said. So hopefully he will think twice before trying that again!


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June, 31


When I found a receipt in my husband’s jacket for a meal for two, I started to wonder what was going on. He assured me it was just a business colleague that he had taken for lunch, but I just wasn’t to be convinced. He has been so nice to me lately, almost as if he was feeling guilty for something.


However, with him working two towns away, it was hard for me to get any information about what was going on. That is why I chose to use a private detective.


They were very kind when I spoke with them, and I am pleased that I choose to use such a service to investigate my cheating spouse. As I would have never had the evidence of the affair, I needed to confront my husband without it, and I was worried that he would say it was all in my head.


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As it happens, he could not deny the information in front of him and has since apologised and pledged to be faithful only to me in the future. Something that I am much relieved about.


Although he knows that if I ever suspect again, I will have someone to turn to that can help. I am just glad things are back to normal, and I have my husband back in the family home where he belongs.


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