Daddy Showkey Regrets Not Having A Sound Education

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John Asiemo, popularly known as Daddy Showkey a veteran Nigerian singer, popular in Ajegunle in the late 1990s for his gala music.

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Recently, Daddy Showkey was interviewed by ThePointNg, when he was asked what he would like to do better if he is given another chancehe revealed that one of his greatest regrets in life is not having an education.

In the words of the musician, “It is education. When I see musicians who are graduates, I am proud of them. I like to have PhD too.

Though my mother was a teacher, she still gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do. But given another chance, I would like to take education seriously. I would have finished my Secondary and University education before going into music”.

“I have so many people depending on me at the moment. Helen Paul and I even talked about it recently and she encouraged me to go back to school. But the truth is that I feel my children will continue from where I stopped”.

Daddy Showkey also revealed that his son is a good musician too, but he told him that the only reason he would support and encourage him is if he goes to the university, saying there is nothing he would achieve in music that he himself has not done.

“If he goes to university, it means he would break my record. I know he would do well in music, but I want him to do the things I could not do. If I had known, I would have listened to my mother when she was shouting at me”.

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