Knowing If He’s The One: Key Indicators That You’ve Found a Keeper

The dating scene isn’t quite what it used to be. So many things have changed! So when you find yourself looking for love, you may well start out feeling disassociated from modern methods of matchmaking. Dating apps and sites have the benefit of ensuring you can easily come into contact with seemingly endless numbers of potential partners. However, this has its drawbacks too. As the old saying goes, you’re going to have to kiss plenty of frogs before you find your prince.

Nowadays, you’re going to have to go on plenty of dates before you find someone that you could really see yourself settling down with. The key to successful dating is distributing your time sensibly and effectively. Yes, that guy you dated might be passably “nice” but you want more and needn’t spend time humouring a partnership that’s never going to flourish. So, how do you know that your date is the one and when is it time to kick them to the curb? Here are a few sage pieces of wisdom to help you decide.




Physical Attraction


It may sound superficial, but it is essential that you feel physically attracted to your partner. After all, the physical side of things is what differentiates a partner from a mere friend. That’s not to say that your date needs to be an Adonis, but you must have some sort of attraction to get things off to a good start. Nowadays, you will most likely have a general image of the person before you meet up from profile pictures. However, cameras and editing can often be deceiving and some people simply don’t look the same on film. Alternatively, they may appear as expected but the chemistry just isn’t there. You’ll be able to determine how you feel on the first date.


dating couple


Keep an Eye Out For Red Flags


Dates can provide a good setting for you to scope out your potential partner’s personality traits. We are likely to turn a blind eye to the negative traits of people we are already involved with, so take this period in which you are both relative strangers to keep an eye out for any warning signs of bad temperament, rudeness or a lack of similar morals to your own. Remember to take notice of how they treat others as well as yourself. A date who is rude to waiting staff could direct similar behaviour towards you down the line.


Know When to Call it a Day


If things aren’t working out don’t feel pressured into continuing for the sake of the other person’s feelings. This will only make things more disagreeable for both of you in the long run. This applies to all stages of the relationship, whether it’s following the first date, a month or even if you’re married. If you are experiencing troubles down the line and want advice or help, contact a specialist (such as attorneys at They will be able to help and guide you further.


Don’t lose faith if you do come across a few bad eggs, you’re bound to find the person of your dreams in no time.


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