Day 2: Ask for His Heart

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I pray for my husband’s heart and ask that his heart will be fully owned by God. I pray that he will not be led astray, but will be filled with devotion and love for God and that in the process, his heart will be turned favourably towards me. God give my husband a heart that feels love for me and my children.


Whatever your husband is…whatever he displays, it all began in his heart. A man is what he thinks about, which is why you need to focus prayers on your husband’s heart. Ask that God will help him guard his heart from negative influences.

When God takes control of your husband’s heart, there is no space for anything negative. So ask God to own your husband’s heart completely. When this happens, he will love you the way you are supposed to be loved.

Abuse of any form is as a result of a heart that has been badly affected or even damaged. When you think that way, you will find it easier to forgive your man and pray for him. As God to repair any damage that has been done to his heart and give him a new one that beats for God and loves you.






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