DAY 21: Ask for Protection for Your Husband

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Oh God I pray that you protect my husband. Please keep him safe from all the wicked plans of the enemy. Guide his footsteps so that he does not fall into any trap set for him. Deliver him from accidents, illnesses, charms and any form of evil that has been targeted to him. Protect everything that concerns him dear God, and keep him safe.


You have spent all these days praying for your husband and God has begun working in him. You might not see the result of all the labour you are doing, but believe that God is doing his thing in your man. And the devil is not happy.

Pray that God will keep your man safe. Safety is not just preserving his life – although that is important; it is not just keeping him healthy (we will pray about that tomorrow). Safety means protection from attacks on your husband’s person, his family and his business.

This world is filled with many jealous people who masquerade as friends. You can’t go about suspecting all your friends of wishing you ill. What you can do however, is pray for your man that God will keep him safe from any arrow that is shot at him.

Father, wherever people congregate to plot evil against my husband, I ask that you scatter them! Scatter their plans like the winds of the earth; may they never be able to gather up those plans anymore. Destiny stealers . . . destiny killers . . . marriage destroyers . . . I ask you God to destroy and keep my husband safe.






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