DAY 26: Pray for His Children

I pray for my husband’s children, that they will not be a source of sorrow to him. Teach him how to be a good father so that he can bring them up in a way that will make you proud. I ask that any power or influence that seeks to turn them wayward, you will arrest in your mighty name. I pray that my husband will not bury any of his children, but they will all grow up to bring honour to him and to your name.


Children are a crown to a man, but if they are not brought up properly and taught what they need to learn, they can become a source of embarrassment and shame to their parents. Pray that this will not be the case with your children. If your husband has other children that are not from your womb, pray this prayer for them as well because if they become useless in life, it will affect your own children (they share the same surname).

Ask God to make your husband a man that your children will be proud to call ‘Father’ and in turn, let him give your man wisdom to raise his children right. Pray against those who want to cut short the lives of your children. Pray against manipulation from the devil.

Whatever blessings and prosperity you want for your children, take the time today to selflessly pray them for ALL your husband’s children.




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