Day 3: Pray for His Head

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Dear God, I pray for my husband’s head. Lift up his head God and restore to him the honour that is his as the head of my family. Give him a sound mind so that he can make decisions that will move our family forward. Protect him from manipulation and external influences. Give him clarity and soundness of mind.


A faulty body can exist and even thrive with a sound mind, but a faulty head is useless to the body, no matter how strong that body is. So pray for your husband that his mind will be sound.

Sometimes, we make decisions that do not make sense and are harmful not because we want to cause harm, but because at that moment, we were not thinking clearly. For his sake and the sake of your family, you need your man to always think clearly.

There are so many external influences that are seeking ways to manipulate your husband to his detriment and to the detriment of you and your children. Pray against these influences. Ask God to protect your husband’s head and keep him safe from anything that will distort his thinking and compromise his ability to make good and sound decisions.






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