Day 6: Pray for His Feet

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I pray for my husband’s FEET. Make his feet strong and steady, God. Clear his path of obstacles that will make him fall. Let his way be straight. Do not let him place his feet in any evil trap. Establish him so that he can establish our home.


The feet are a symbol of establishment. When a man’s feet are strong, it means that he can firmly carry his wife and children; he can take care of them and meet their needs.

No matter how hard working a man is, it is God that establishes him. There are so many circumstances and situations out there that try to trip our men on their feet. When a man is unsteady on his feet, he cannot protect or provide for his family. His confidence is shaken.

Pray for your man that when confidence-shakers come his way, he will not be shaken. He will stand firm and face life with confidence.






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One thought on “Day 6: Pray for His Feet

  • July 7, 2015 at 8:56 am

    I pray that God’s mercy overrides justice and prevails over judgement in my husband’s life. That he and the world would know that God is indeed full of mercy.


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