1. No no no! Absolutely not! What happens when he decides he doesn’t want you again? Then he can clear out everything I’ve worked so hard for and leave me with nothing. I respect those who keep joint accounts but for me, I don’t have that energy.

  2. Well, we do have a joint account and that’s where we put money for rent, school fees, utilities and feeding…stuff like that. But we also have our separate accounts for our personal expenses. I know how much my husband earns and he knows how much I earn and so we agreed to put a certain amount in the joint account each month. I don’t question what he does with the rest and he does not bother about what I do with what’s in my account. It’s worked for us for the past 15 years and so with all the issues we’ve had in our marriage, we’ve never had any with money.

  3. No , i do not see the need for a joint account , it really depends on your level of trust, but in my case a joint account did not just work out.

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