Don’t Fight the Plights of Life Alone

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It is amazing how often in life we feel alone, even when we are in relationships or surrounded by other people.


life and loneliness
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Feelings of loneliness in life are common and often extend themselves in such a way where those that experience them feel as if they have no support when it comes to some of life’s most difficult situations. However, when it comes to the most difficult, dangerous, unfair and unfortunate aspects of life it is important to always remember that there are always people willing and waiting to help you get through them.


In this day and age a lot of life’s problems and worries are induced by finances (or lack of). When facing such a situation, you should never allow pride stand in the way of your asking for a loan from those closest to you. Whether it’s your parents, your sibling, your spouse, your friend or even your child, don’t be afraid to ask for their help financially. The do want you to be stress free and worry free, even if it means lending you some cash.

life and being broke
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However if your financial woes run deeper than a small loan, and have been induced by a natural disaster, illness or accident then there are always online fundraising platforms  available. The Internet has made connectivity between people, even strangers, a staple of the modern day and this extends to online funding schemes. However, these types of platforms and those that generously donate should never be taken for granted or defrauded in any way; and example of this happening can be found here.

life and loneliness
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Life’s plights aren’t just brought about by financial woes — sometimes they are brought about by general unhappiness in one’s surroundings and everyday life. One such example is the breakdown of a relationship. As previously mentioned, even when a person is in a relationship with another person they can feel alone; if you experience feelings like this, or akin to this, then it is important not to simply brush them off. Talk to your spouse and tell them exactly how you feel; chances are, they might just feel the same. When you both work together at the problem, you double the chance of it being sorted, even if that does mean in a breakup. But if you are determined to make a go of it, then there are counselling options readily available. These sorts of initiatives should never be forgone due to any negative stigmas attached to them as they help you on your quest to build a stronger and more satisfying relationship.

life relationships loneliness
Credit: William Stitt


There are various ways in which people try to overcome their difficulties, but not one of these ways are ever hampered by the help of others, and are only ever bettered. So, the next time you are in desperate need of turning to someone, don’t let fear or pride get in the way of turning to them. The world is full of good people that are ready to fight the plights of life by your side.




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