Empowering Reasons Why Women Should Own And Wear Lingerie

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For most of us, lingerie has never been a subject talked about above a hushed whisper. In fact, most of us count ourselves lucky if our bra matches our panties on any given day. We deem lingerie an extravagance, unnecessary to our normal lives—hey, we’re too married/single/pregnant/bloated/old, who has time for it? It’s time to take back the narrative, and reclaim lingerie as our own; not only does it help make us feel incredible in our own skin, but it comes a whole host of other benefits to our everyday lives. Read on to find out why you deserve lingerie, and how it can help you become your best self—no Angel catwalk experience required.




Self Confidence

This one practically goes without saying—it’s hard to put on lingerie without feeling good about yourself. The entire idea of lingerie is to highlight our assets and make us look phenomenal; even if you’re just wearing it under your everyday clothes and no one gets the divine privilege of seeing it, it’s hard to resist the deliciousness of having such a badass secret from the rest of the world. In fact, even just owning lingerie can give you a boost of self-confidence, and to us, that’s worth its weight in gold. Visit Porte-à-Vie to see what you’ve been missing out on.


Increased Sex Drive

While at first this reason might sound like its pandering to men, wearing lingerie can help increase and sustain your sex drive—and that’s a good thing for you. Regular, frequent sex benefits you both mentally and physically, but too many of us start to let our sex lives slip as we get older or busier. Wearing lingerie can help put us in the mood, make us feel more confident in the bedroom, and give us a much-needed mental and physical break from stress—even a Netflix binge-fest can’t compare to the health benefits of a more active and enjoyable sex life.


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Lingerie has practically become a staple in fashion these days; walk into any store in your local mall and you’ll see lacy bralettes, a line of delicate underwear, and a bustier as everyday wear. Women are starting to wear lingerie as a way of expressing their personal style, and we’re all for it; the more we start to own our bodies, our sexuality, and our style, the better.



Wearing lingerie is starting to become less about enticing your partner, and more about giving yourself some well-deserved self-care; putting on something sexy and flirty, even if there’s no one else to see it, can make us feel happy, body-positive, and pretty much like a pin-up model. When you’re busy with school, work, kids, and responsibilities, self-care quickly tumbles to the bottom of your to-do list; there might not be time to catch up on your reading, take a bath, go for a walk, but if knowing you’ve got a cute little number on under your clothes makes your day just a tad bit better, then by all means, woman, strap on that lacy bra and panty set!




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