When The People You Love Are Unhappy About Your Engagement

Getting engaged should be about posting photos of the proposal on social media with sappy captions and (possibly) dinning lavishly and popping expensive bottles of champagne. However, getting engaged may not be an all-round happy situation when you remember no one may come to your wedding because none of your loved ones like your significant other.




Maybe because he’s the douchebag who cheated on you several times and everyone remembers but you or they just don’t like you two together. Either way, your loved ones’ dislike or indifference towards your new fiancé could put a damper in your happiness.


Should you find yourself in this kind of situation, an article (What to Do if Your Loved Ones Don’t Take Your Engagement Seriously) by Jen Glantz has a few suggestions for you:


Remain zen

As tempting as it may be, getting angry at everyone and yelling at them that it’s your life and not theirs wouldn’t make the situation any better. It may even make it worse by putting your nerves in a bind and putting you in a mood.





Keeping calm is the best way to work through the situation with your voice intact

“If you can stay calm, telling your loved ones that you hope that they support your happy decision, and leave it at that, [it] will create the opportunity for them to reflect, calm their heads and their hearts and, eventually, they will have that conversation with you,” says Chris Armstrong, a relationship expert, coach, and founder of Maze of Love.”


Have the talk

Everyone has their faults and it can be difficult to see when you are too close to the situation. It may be unthinkable to you that your perfect beau has a fault but there might be something your friends and family see that you don’t.

Sit with them, get to the bottom of their distrust of your fiancé and you just might be able to make them see that he’s not a bad guy after all. Then you can all celebrate together.





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