Establishing Cell Phone Rules for Teenagers

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With the increase in technology and almost everyone owning a phone, cell phones have made teenagers too dependent on their parents, friends and the internet for information and how to solve issues this can be a good thing and it can also be a bad thing, it is good in the sense that it keeps us more informed on happenings in the country and also around the world, it can serve as a bad thing because most teenagers abuse the use of cell phones.

Studies have proven that students did better when there were no phones; because the time most students waste chatting and pinging with their phones would have been used for gaining something better. In recent times, there has been a decline in the success rate of WAEC and all other external examinations

It is important to establish certain rules of cell phones for your teenage child.

Below are types of cell phone rules to consider:

  1. No Cell Phone Use before School: Restrict your teenager from using their cell phones in the morning, they should use the time wasted talking and texting on the phone to prepare and get ready for school.
  2. Follow the School Rules with Cell Phone Use: Know the schools policy on the use of the cell phones during school hours, though cell phones are big distractions, you can ensure your teenager does not go to school with his or her phone this would help them not to text, ping and access social media platforms while in class.
  3. No Cell Phones at the Dinner Table: Ensure at the dinner table, no one has access to their phones. Do not just create the rules but also abide to them
  4. No Cell Phone Use during Homework: As stated earlier, cell phones can be a huge distraction, ensure when it is time for homework your teenagers’ phones are out of their reach, this would help them concentrate and do better in their homework.
  5. The Cell Phone Must be Turned in before Bedtime: Make sure when it is bed time, the cell phones are turned off, this is to ensure they don’t make use of their cell phones all through the night. Having their cell phones on will make them chat, reply emails and have access to social media networks when they are supposed to be sleeping, this can make them late for school and sleep during classes.
  6. No Cell Phone Use While Driving: A lot of people have died while chatting on the phone and driving, make it clear to them no to drive and be on the phone at the same time, you can also tell them the dangers involved in doing it. If there is any need for them to be on the hone when driving, then they can park the car somewhere and do that.

Supervise their cell phone usage and limit the amount of credit loaded on the phone. Some of the rules stated above can be specific to your family’s values and your teenagers’ needs.


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