Etiquette: 10 Basic Etiquette Rules you should teach your Child

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[media-credit name=”Wikihow” align=”alignnone” width=”670″]670px-Teach-Manners-to-a-Toddler-Step-1[/media-credit]Raising a polite and well mannered child is the delight of every parent. Parents should create time for their children, because the home is the first place a child learns manners and core values in life.

Teaching your children these rules will make them stand out from their peers.

Below are 10 Etiquette Rules you should teach your Children:

  1. Teach them to always greet your elders.
  2. Teach them to say “Please”, whenever they are asking for something.
  3. Teach them to say “Thank you”, when they receive something.
  4. Teach them not to interrupt grownups when they are discussing, except what they want to say is very important.
  5. Teach them to always show respect to their elders.
  6. Teach them to knock on closed doors and wait for a response before opening the door.
  7. Teach them to close their mouths and nose whenever the cough and sneeze.
  8. Teach them to sit at a place when out in public.
  9. Teach your daughters how to sit with their legs closed when at home and in public
  10. Teach your sons never to hit women.

It is very important that parents start early in instilling manners in their kids than when it gets too late.



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