Etiquette: Farting in Public

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Farting is an act of releasing gas from the body. The fact is everybody farts, so whether you are rich, poor, beautiful, handsome, etc we all fart. It is a good thing to fart but the problem is where do you fart?

In most cases the gas released has a foul smell and as such shouldn’t be done in the presence of people, reason why you shouldn’t fart where people are. If you are with family or loved ones, who do not see it as a big deal when you fart in front of them, then you can go ahead.

There are some families were everyone, both the old and young fart whenever and wherever, in such situations, you as a member of the family can also do so if you want to. For example, an Indian tribe in South America called the Yanomami fart as a greeting, and in China you can actually get a job as a professional fart-smeller!

What works for family A may not work for family B, so if your members of your family do not see a big deal with you farting in their presence, does not mean you should take such a habit outside your home. If you are in the presence of people and the urge to fart comes, kindly excuse yourself from their mist, go elsewhere and release what you have. You can’t be in a meeting with your boss and fart, it is disrespectful.

Some tribes in Nigeria, forbids a woman or her child from farting in the presence of her husband or men, this shows the severity of farting.

Farting should be carried out in the confines of our toilets, or out from where people are. It is embarrassing to you and those around you when you fart.

Remember, farting in a public place is a big NO!!!!


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