Etiquette: Punctuality

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I grew up in a home were Punctuality was imbibed in us, you dare not go late for an appointment. It was so bad that my dad usually left my mom and whoever was not ready behind whenever we were getting late for church service or an outing. We hated him for that though, but growing up we appreciate his efforts of making us go punctual for whatever event we had.

In Nigeria, we have what people call the African man time. You see people strolling into an event by 4 pm whereby the event started at 2 pm.

It is unethical to go late for an event, to work, a meeting. Some people have lost their jobs because they always showed up late to work, some have lost important business deals and contracts because the lack punctuality.

Advantages of Punctuality

  • you get settled in before everyone comes
  • being¬†punctual strengthens your integrity
  • it shows you are dependable
  • it shows humility
  • it shows you are disciplined

Disadvantages of not being Punctual

  • it causes a strain in your relationship with employers
  • it takes a toll on your life because you have to rush in getting things done, thereby stressing yourself.
  • it takes a toll on your career
  • it shows you lack discipline

Ways to be Punctual

It is advisable for those who know they are always late to work or an occasion to train themselves and imbibe the attitude of always being punctual by doing the following:

  • get the things you would need ready the day or night before
  • commit yourself to being at least 10 minutes early
  • have your bath on time
  • go to bed on time* remember early to bed, early to rise*
  • set an alarm
  • know what daily routine makes you go late and try to limit the time you usually spend in having that routine done
  • always have a clock or a time¬†piece with you
  • Lastly, make¬†punctuality one of your core values.



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