Expecting Twins: What to Buy?

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Sometimes the shock of discovering that you will have twins provokes parents to rethink their budget over and over again. Initially, you might have planned to use the baby clothes and accessories of your first arrival, but now you realize that your new baby expenses cannot be kept to a minimum, because you’ll need lots of additional things. So, what essentials to purchase and how to minimize the expenses? Read on to find out everything every parent needs to know when expecting twins.

expecting twins

Nourishing Meals

Obviously, breastfeeding would be the best and healthiest solution to feeding twins that will not cause any damage to your wallet. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work with twins, so formula will come in very useful. Most formula producers offer special deals for young parents who’ve got twins. They put you on their lists while you are still expecting your doublings, so you can be confident you’ll know all you need about their products ahead of time.

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Diapers and nursing supplies

You’ll need lots of these, especially because there will be two bottoms to take care of. Trust us when we are saying you’ll need to have up to 12 spare diapers for your twins per day, so be sure you get enough of those.

Car seats

These are another important thing for every parent who’s got twins. You will not be able to leave the hospital without the seats. However, prior to placing your twins in the seats, make sure they are properly tested. You also need to be ready that your twins come a bit earlier, because they often do so. Therefore, make sure you buy the car seats ahead of time to be on the safe side.

High chairs

These are especially useful when you need to feed two hungry infants at a time. It is unbearable to see how one hungry baby is watching his/her sibling being nourished, so high chairs will serve the purpose perfectly. They are also useful for finger painting or playing with some small toys to keep your twins entertained. Some of the best photos of twins can also be taken while they are seated in high chairs, so make sure you buy them in advance for your precious ones.


When we are talking about twins, it comes as no surprise that parents need to find a way to keep the two mouths calm. As such, you’d better purchase a minimum of two pacifiers for each of your babies. If you intend to breastfeed your twins, you will also need to let them get accustomed to the process using a pacifier. In any case, pacifiers are absolutely essential for every doubling, so be sure you have some of these at hand.

what to buy when expecting twins

Now you see that having twins in your family means having double expenses. That’s because you’ll need to always keep the essential items close by, which is unavoidable. Twins are special so make sure you purchase at least two of the items listed above and don’t forget to look at the bright side. After all, you’ll save your time using all these items almost simultaneously. Thankfully nowadays you can buy all kind of baby clothes and accessories online on sites like this kids boutique.


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