Extreme Cut Out Jeans Or A New Level Of Disturbed?

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Finally, you can now get a new, rad look for only $168 US Dollars. It’s called “extreme cut out” jeans, but we’ll just call it the asinwin trend. Oh and in case you are wondering, isinwin is Yoruba for “mentally deranged”. And seriously, that is the only way we can think of to describe this jeans.


extreme cut out jeans


It has no front, no back and no crotch. It is basically a weird mix of a denim garter belt and G-string and it costs One Hundred and Sixty Eight US Dollars (that’s approximately 57,000 Naira – that’s thousand!)

So to go out looking like any of the mentally deranged people roaming about the market places, all you need to do is pay $168 and voila! You are rocking the asinwin trend.

Isn’t that amazing?


extreme cut out jeans


It takes a really creative (or very distrubed) mind to come up with something like this, and an even more troubled person to wear it. We stared at the photos completely speechless, then after the shock began to wear out, we slowly came to the realization that we knew a handful of people who would actually wear the extreme cut out jeans with pride.

And that’s just disturbing as heck.


extreme cut out jeans


I guess it’s good for some things, and I can’t readily think of any now, but give me a minute. Depending on the mum you have, it might be really good for driving your mum crazy. Then again if you have a mum like mine (or any typical African mum), you can expect a resounding slap.

One thing I can say for sure, if you walk to most Nigerian markets wearing this, you will find immediate acceptance, maybe even professional respect among those rocking their own versions of the asinwin trend. Come to think of it, I don’t even know why people are making a big deal about this trend. It’s been a thing in my country for several years. Just ask the mad man (or woman) on the street.


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