Face Wipes: 4 Reasons Not to Use

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WE live in a microwave age where we are all looking for the fastest and easiest ways of doing things. Unfortunately, fast and easy doesn’t necessarily always give positive results.

Even though face wipes are easy to use, easy to dispose and are widely available, they are not the best for your skin and these are the reasons why:

Face wipes why you shouldn't use

1. They do not cleanse effectively

If you have used a face wipe before, you’ll realize you are basically removing your makeup if any, dirt, grime and oil without rinsing off your face. Most of the gunk is still on your face.


2. They contain irritating and drying agents

Face wipes require chemicals to keep them moist and increase their shelf life. Some even contain fragrances. All these ingredients are harsh and drying to our skin, remember you don’t rinse off your face after using a facial wipe.

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3. They are bad for the skin around your eye area

A lot of ladies use face wipes to remove eye makeup and that’s a NO! NO! because you’ll have to rub against your delicate eye area. Done frequently and over time, you’ll notice an increase in wrinkles and fine lines around your eye area.


4. They cause your skincare products to be less effective

This is because your skincare products cannot give you optimum results when used on a face that isn’t thoroughly clean. (Remember that you aren’t rinsing off your face and your face still has a lot of grime on it) and so whatever product is being used on your face won’t enter your pores to be effective.

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Now that we know that wipes are not good for your skin, try to avoid them no matter how irresistible or inviting they seem.

But seriously, how difficult or time consuming is it to just wash your face for 2 minutes or a maximum of 3 minutes?

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