Fashion Has A Mind Of Its Own

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If you have a strong sense of fashion, there’s a common belief that implies that you probably don’t need a therapist. Instead, what you choose to wear and the accessories you pick says a lot about you. Of course, one could argue that you picked a specific outfit because it was the only clean thing you had left. But it would be foolish to simplify the psychological connection you have with the world of fashion.


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Don’t dress to impress; dress to reveal the real you


In a world where everybody can enjoy an abundance of choices, it’s fair to say that more often than not, adults wear exactly what they want. To put it in other words, psychologists could learn a lot about your personality traits just by taking a peek at your wardrobe. Admittedly; there is a big difference between the clothes you own and the ones you wear, especially if you tend to keep gifts and old items that you don’t wear anywhere or haven’t in a while. So let’s observe what the clothes you wear say about your state of mind.



A measure of self-confidence

If you feel great in your outfit, it’s probably because you know exactly how to highlight your best features, using accessories, makeup and beauty routine, and clever colour blocking. From showing off healthy hair by leaving it loose to choosing clothes that are tight just where they should be, the tips you rely on to show what you like the most about yourself express your self-confidence. Indeed, using fashion to enhance your natural beautify is a sign of healthy self-esteem. However, there’s a thin line between boasting about your best features comfortably and following a trend without knowledge. For instance, confident women might wear high heels, but they make sure that their shoes are also comfortable to walk in.


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A sense of popular culture

What you wear is also a sign of your popular culture. For example, the histories of music and shoes are tightly connected. Your beloved Chelsea boots display your love for 1960’s England, the time of the Beatles. If you’re more of a Cobain’s fan, you’ll wear your 1990’s Converse with style and passion. Fashion belongs to a period of history. So, it’s fair to make the most of what you know from the time to share in a glance your main personality traits and interests with others, from polite and sassiness to grunge kids.


It dictates how you feel

You are made of what you wear. If you choose to wear essentially dark and dull clothes, it’s likely that you’ll feel drained of all energy and motivation. The colours you wear affect your mood! Take a look at this short makeover to understand how it works. Liana, the author, She chose to wear a combo of burgundy and pink to feel more grounded in her new team at work. Trying out a combo of orange and navy blue, Liana felt the outfit brought her out of her shell. It’s full of great ideas to feel joyful and energized!


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Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash


In short, don’t just think of fashion as what your wardrobe is made of. Fashion has a mind of its own, and it speaks volumes about your self-perception and how you want others to think about you.



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