Our Favourite Celebrity No-Makeup Selfies

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Celebrity no-makeup selfies are the thing. The no-makeup trend is on fire! More celebrities are posting their make-up free mugs on Instagram and Snapchat. This has started a trend that is really inspirational, especially for many young women. As a generation, we are beginning to define for ourselves, our personal standards of beauty.


There are several celebrity no-makeup selfies out there. I love this because each of these women use makeup. But they are also saying it is okay to be without makeup. You just need to be comfortable with being you (with or without makeup).


With all the celebrity no-makeup mugs out there, we have lined up a few of our favourites.


Celebrity no-makeup selfies we love


First on our list is, Beyonce


Celebrity no-makeup selife: Beyonce
Instagram: @beyonce


Beyonce is one celebrity we really admire. Beautiful and classy, she has always been a beauty icon to women worldwide and was recently honoured with the CFDA fashion icon award. It was about time! Fabulous in makeup, without makeup she is even more beautiful. Enough respect to King Bey.


Kim Kardashian


Celebrity no-makeup selife: Kim Kardashian
Instagram: @kimkardashian


The reality TV star is the queen of selfies. We honestly do not know any celebrity with as many selfies as Kim K. Totally stylish and fashion forward, Kim Kardashian is usually seen with impeccably applied makeup. We have no idea why she does that because Kim K’s celebrity no-makeup selfie is simply incredible.




Instagram: @rihanna
Instagram: @rihanna


Rihanna recently signed a deal to launch her own makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Most of us would buy makeup from Rihanna, because she knows how to make a statement. Yet is is clear that this celeb does not need makeup. Makeup is great, but it is nice to be able to step out without any (not all of us are so lucky). Go Rihanna!


Laverne Cox


Instagram: @lavernecox
Instagram: @lavernecox


Even when she’s doing her stuff in the series, Orange is the New Black, Laverne Cox’s character never steps out without makeup. Her celebrity no-makeup selfie is one of the most gorgeous we’ve seen so far. Her beauty is fresh and she looks really nice.


I love to go without makeup, especially if I don’t have a function. There are two reasons I do that. First I want the freedom of knowing that I can be makeup free if I want. And second, I do not want my face to get too dependent on makeup. But I’m not sure I could share my no-makeup mug on Instagram. That takes courage.


Would you share your no-makeup selfie?



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