Feeling Happy With The Person In The Mirror

Feeling happy with the way you look in the mirror is a matter of confidence. It’s important to remember that everybody sees things in the mirror that they don’t like about themselves even if nobody else spots these flaws. The crucial thing is that your desire to change the way you look stems from a desire to feel more confident and happy with yourself rather than simply changing your appearance to make other people happy.


Feeling Happy



It all needs to be a quest to better yourself rather than simply changing your appearance for the sake of vanity; for example, sometimes looking healthier doesn’t always mean you are healthier. If you want to start feeling happy with the person staring back at you in the mirror but you want to make changes which actually do you a lot of good in terms of your healthiness too then here some pieces of advice which will help you in both regards.


Feeling Happy with Your figure

This is a good place to start because it’s probably the thing that the majority of us fret over. Of course, it’s strange that we’re all so critical of our body shapes because no two bodies are the same. There is no “perfect” figure, no matter how much magazines might claim there is. It’s also not a case of being as skinny as you can possibly be; sometimes being underweight is just as dangerous to your health as being overweight. The key is to find a healthy spot somewhere in the middle so that your lifestyle serves to ensure that your body continues to function well and so that you’re happy with the way you look. That’s the goal.


tips for Feeling Happy


To achieve a better figure, you simply need to focus on achieving a moderated and balanced lifestyle. Eat well but don’t deny yourself the simple pleasures of life. It’s better to eat a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, sources of protein, and even chocolate rather than starving yourself on a diet filled with nothing but sticks of celery. As for exercise, your goal should simply be to stay active. Find a way to get yourself moving each day; set an objective of hitting 5000 or 10000 steps per day. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to think about the things you wear too when it comes to complementing your appearance. You could even look into waist trainers and these are by far the best models if you’re wondering where to begin. Find a routine which works for you and work towards an appearance which makes you happy.


Feeling Happy with Your fashion

As touched upon above, fashion plays a big part in being happy with your appearance. The key is to wear clothes which fit. We all come in different shapes and sizes so stop thinking that the problem is that you’re too curvaceous or that you’re not curvaceous enough. Often, the problem is that you’re wearing the wrong clothes for your body type. The goal is to wear things which complement your figure.


Feeling Happy tips


It’s not always about clothes hugging your body tightly or showing off your body, as such, but more that what you wear is suited to your general shape and doesn’t conceal your appearance. Don’t wear bloated dresses; find a belt to tighten clothes around the waist if they seem a little too baggy. It’s okay to leave room to breathe, but make sure your clothes follow the general shape of your body.


Your mindset.

At the end of the day, your appearance is improved by confidence. Simply smiling can massively improve the way you look. The more confident you feel about your appearance, the further your appearance will improve; it’s a self-serving cycle.


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