Finally, Nude Lingerie that ‘s Really Nude

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Nude is one of the most beautiful colours in makeup and in lingerie. But there’s nothing as frustrating as buying a product, especially nude lingerie and it’s several shades lighter than your skin tone. I know it drives me crazy.

Which is why Bobbi Brown will always be a hero for making nude makeup in several shades. I haven’t been so lucky when it comes to lingerie, until Sadia Sisay founded the lingerie company, beingU.

Beautiful Nude Lingerie from beingU

It is not possible for a woman to feel sexy unless she’s comfortable in her own skin and it looks like Sadia Sisay understands just that. She did not only make lingerie in several shades of melanin, they are also specially designed to fit the fuller African bottom and busts.

Their mission is simple: to enable women to embrace their skin colour and body shape, to feel treasured and beautiful, through the wearing of beautiful underwear designed with their body in mind. Making women feel “visible” is at the core of this brand.



nude lingeriie founder Sadia Sisay
Sadia Sisay, Founder

About Sadia Sisay

Sadia Sisay is the entrepreneur behind beingU lingerie. She is a Sierra Leonean born British woman who has been through so much in the realization of her dream.

She moved to the UK from Sierra Leone at 16, trained as a cancer nurse, then worked in the pharmaceutical industry until 2008 when she left and decided start her own business and became the proud founder of beingU. She first attempted to launch the brand in 2011 however personal challenges meant she had to put her dreams on hold.

It didn’t help that she lost her husband to an unexpected death in 2014. But she didn’t give up. Her story is definitely an inspiring one, almost as inspiring as the brand she’s creating.

being u nude lingerie

Nude Lingerie and Body Image

Too many women of African descent tend to have body image problems, mostly because when we turn on the TV or flip through magazines, we see these slender women with little busts and no backsides. For the African woman who has been abundantly blessed in those regions, it could be disheartening, particularly when you go shopping and can’t really find anything that flatters your body shape.

BeingU lingerie is addressing these problems in a really sexy way.

According to Sisay, “We know from a survey conducted for beingU that a staggering 82% of women surveyed across the USA and UK said they did not find it easy to find lingerie similar to their skin tone and 94% of respondents said they would buy skin tone lingerie if it was available.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on beingU. Visit their website for more information on how to pre-order.


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