Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your Work

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Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your Work

There is a necessity for us to find purpose in all areas of our lives, hence this article. It is our desire that our lives and jobs go together perfectly. It could be said that finding purpose and meaning in our jobs is part of the secret of success.

Finding purpose and meaning in your work is a step-by-step process. One must know one’s self and be honest about what you want to achieve.

Take note of the issues. Where are you in your career?  How did you get there? What are some of the reasons you lack satisfaction in your professional life?

There could be a few reasons we lack satisfaction in your work, for example, you could be in the wrong field, wrong company or hold the wrong position. At various points in my life and career, I have faced those challenges so I can identify.

Set your core values. These values are deep rooted and are not negotiable. Here are the things you wish to be known for.  When you come to mind, those are the things that all associated with you will use to describe you.  Setting these values brings out the real you.

Once you identify your values you can position yourself in places you are best suited and where you can actually shine. For those who are multitalented, doing this helps you focus on one area of your giftings helping you shine brightly.

 What are the important questions? You are forced to ask those important questions that your day-to-day responsibilities in life may make you overlook. Questions like “What do I really want?” or “Should I change my career?” will now come to the fore. Once you are convinced with the answers you have to these important questions, then you are really close to achieving your purpose.

Be open to the adventure. You really need to be open minded and ready to follow the road this journey to purpose will lead you. The more open you are, the more opportunities around you. It is not a straightforward process discovering purpose and meaning. You will find yourself doing different things and occupying various positions until you identify your purpose. All this knowledge is not wasted, contrarily, it will make you better in the long run.

 Discover your superb purpose. A clear call to action. Here your core value becomes a part of the way you live and work every day. Behold the reason to work where you work.

Create your “finishing”. Apart from answering those necessary questions and finding a great purpose, it is still about your career. What do you desire your career to mean when you come to the end of it?

 Find your necessary resources. In your career, you will most definitely need professional coaching, but apart from that, there are other things you may need to be the best you can be.

The right people around you are also very necessary. You should surround yourself with focused and trustworthy people.

Once you can see your job in line with your purpose in life, the sky is just a starting point for you. No one can believe in you more than you can believe in yourself.



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Ije Woko

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