Finding Your Inner Strength

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Titilola was a Judge in the High Court of a state in Nigeria. She carried herself with grace and all who saw her admired her. She was stern in court, but always fair in delivering judgment. When it came to her work, she was a consummate professional. Her children were all well-behaved and did well in school; they grew up, had good jobs, got married and became responsible members of society.

FamilyWhen her husband took ill, she nursed him and took care of him, even though she should have been enjoying her retirement. She died a few months after he did. It wasn’t until she died that people got to see that the perfect image they had of her marriage was a facade. Titilola’s husband had cheated on her repeatedly.

His lack of respect was so bad that two out of the five children she raised were not hers, but his from other women. She bore all this with dignity and no one ever knew what she was going through.

When people eventually found out, their respect for her went through the roof. She’d made sure her children all had a stable home environment. Everyone wondered how she was able to bear all that and still keep her home together. What most people didn’t realize was that she had an inner core of steel.

There’s a place inside every woman, a core that is tougher than most things that come her way. She might go through many things in this life: heart break, child birth, children, work… No matter where you are now, or where you’ve been, trials and temptations will come.

There will be things you struggle with, and situations that have made you question your worth and value as a woman. How you go through and come out of these circumstances will depend largely on your inner strength as a woman. You need to build up your inner strength for times when you need it. Like physical strength, some people are born with the ability to handle trying times with grace and style, but this isn’t always the case.

Here are some tips to help you build YOUR inner strength:

Have a Deep Spiritual Connection

Young African American Woman PrayingAcknowledging that there’s a Higher Power, that there’s God, and make a conscious effort to form a connection. Prayers and meditation will help keep you grounded and build up your inner strength.

Know Your Worth and Value as a Person

You are a person, a human being and you are valuable. How you see yourself is important, not just for your self esteem, but most times it influences how others see you. How you see yourself should not come from how people see you. Instead your image should derive to a large extent, from your self perception. When you are aware of who you are, and how valuable you are, it will be hard for anyone to devalue you.

Understand Your Purpose for Being Alive

Every person on this earth has been put there for a reason. You were not born by mistake; there’s a reason, a purpose which only you can fulfill on this earth. Identify what it is and let your life align with that. Once you do that, it makes a difference and strengthens your inner core.

Spend Time Getting to Know Yourself

You are an individual, made up of the sum of your experiences. There are certain things that intrigue you, and there are things you can’t stand. Do you know what your personal boundaries are? Spend time alone, with yourself. Learn to enjoy your company and fall in love with the wonderful person you are.

Fill Your Soul With What Will Feed It

Beautiful African American Woman video messaging mobile phone isRead books about those that inspire you. Listen to music that uplifts you. Take in the beauty of God’s world. Look for what is good, true and noble about life, and concentrate on that.

Whether we like it or not, life will happen and it will not always be pleasant. But we can live life with grace and dignity.

Have a fantastic week ahead.


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