Former President Obasanjo Says Women Are More Reliable Than Men in Politics

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[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]Female Power Brokers[/media-credit]According to a publication by Punch Newspaper, former President Obasanjo was reported to have said that women are more reliable than men in politics. This statement was made during a visit by some executive officers and members of the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists when they visited his residence in Abeokuta. He was quoted thus:

“In politics,women are more reliable than men. When a woman says she’s with you, you can really take that she is with you.

“But if a man tells you he is with you and you catch him in another meeting, he will tell you it is politics. It should not be so.

“When a politician’s words cannot be believed, then you are turning politics into another thing. A politician must be a man or woman of honour, that believes in morality.”

While he was President, Obasanjo was not particularly known for his inclusion of women in his government and the participation of women in politics generally was much lower than it is at the moment. Right now some of the major power brokers in the public sector are women and they are carrying themselves quite well. Of course they have not been free from the usual bile and negativity which faces any woman who dares to go for public office or hold a prominent position; but it is clear that they are not letting the naysayers get them down.

We are glad that former president Obasanjo made the statement and hope it encourages more women to get involved in changing the political landscape of our country.

The article was published online by Punch Newspaper and can be found here.






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