Four Questions To Ask Of Your Workout Routine

Exercise is one of the vital sides of the coin of healthy living. Nutrition being the other one, of course. But a lot of people don’t exactly know what they should be looking for from their exercise. If all the dumbbells and CrossFits and elliptical machines have you a bit confused as to where you look, then asking these questions can help you make sense of it all.

Workout routine tips

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Be goal-driven

The best way to start figuring out what kind of exercise you should be doing is figuring out your goals, first. It’s true that focusing solely on weight loss or muscle gain or getting a ‘beach bod’ aren’t as important as making long-lasting lifestyle changes to get healthy. But those changes come one-at-a-time. Setting short term goals and having an aim, such as reaching a certain, are the steps that help you make that permanent lifestyle shift.

Be realistic

When making those goals, an important part is making sure you’re taking on exercises you can actually handle. When you haven’t done any cardio in ten years, you shouldn’t be tackling a 17,000-step hike on a mountain. Think about the fitness goals that are easy for you to make at the beginning. Build up to them, feel the achievement, then push further. Don’t overexert yourself. It’s demotivating, it’s harmful, and at the end of the day, it is ultimately pointless. Increase your workout in increments and see yourself sticking with it.

Workout routine tips

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Be conscious of your own needs

Of course, besides our ability to realistically meet exercise goals, we all have pre-existing circumstances that are going to affect how we work out. One of the greatest catalysts for getting active is to mitigate the potential side effects of a condition, injury, or surgery. To those ends, you should look at specific cases like essential advice for exercising after breast augmentation or regaining a broader range of mobility after a back injury. There are specific guides from people who shared your exact same experience. Look for those first and foremost.

Be aware of how much time you can actually offer

We can’t all spend an hour or two in the gym every day. Many of us have responsibilities or barriers that can keep us away. What’s important, however, is that we don’t use these as an excuse. For instance, even at your home, you could be making use quick total-body routines that help you squeeze exercise in what free time you can afford. Then there are ways to get exercise when your time isn’t free. 

Choosing a healthier way of commuting to work such as walking or cycling, for instance. You can even find exercises you can do at work while you’re at your desk.

Your needs, your availability, your existing conditions, and what you can actually expect to achieve should all play a big role in the kind of exercise regime you choose. It’s a good idea to take time getting informed, too. You don’t want to dive in before you’re ready and end up with the kind of experience that puts you off it altogether. 


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