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Take this 3 week course and get a certificate from the World Bank Institute.

Self-improvement is very important for a woman, especially if you have children. You want to teach them the importance of constantly improving oneself and that if they want to be the best in their industry, they can’t afford to stop learning. A perfect way to teach this is by example.


However, most women with children can’t take the time off to enroll in a university or travel abroad for a short course; the demands on your time are just too many. Which is one of the reasons e-learning has become very popular among women.

With a computer and an internet connection, you can now continue your education and even Master’s Degree from a world class institution. There are many top universities today that offer short courses, full degrees and even Doctorate degrees online. These certificates are accepted everywhere and are practically the same as though you went on campus to earn them.

One of such institutions is the World Bank Institute.

The World Bank Institute has an e-learning campus and there are several courses you can choose there. Most of these are not free though. However, there is one which is offered each year and for this year, you can enroll for free in Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibility.

From the course details, this is what the course is about:

The World Bank Institute offers the “Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibilities” course to explore both conventional and innovative policies, strategies, and actions associated with CSR. Course material offers theory and evidence that can help policymakers and business and civil society executives, through focused and systematic corporate social responsibility interventions, to positively influence national and corporate competitiveness. Also included are the complex dilemmas facing the private and public sectors as they increasingly represent multiple interests and a host of old and new stakeholders. The objective of this learning program is to provide participants with cutting edge perspectives, frameworks, and ideas on how a country or a firm can create and sustain a competitive advantage when demonstrating corporate social responsibility

The target audience is:

Government officials; policymakers; business, development organizations, donor agencies, and civil society executives; and educators.


A certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the course.

Please note that most courses in WBI are not academically accredited, and are purposed for continuing professional development, rather than an academic degree.

Application Ends January 27, 2014



If CSR is not your thing, there are other courses as well. Click this link to download the 2014 prospectus in PDF.


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