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Free your mind Naija Housewives
Free your mind Naija Housewives

“Free your mind” is a popular phrase in Nigeria and not without reason. Even though a few years ago we were said to be the happiest people on earth, we still find so many of us carrying tense face and severe frowns and holding on to things that we have no business holding on to. There are people you’ve held in your mind for the past several months or even years and you have refused to let go, isn’t that right? Well, who is it disturbing? Definitely not those people. Instead you are the one hurting, having tummy aches, headaches and wrinkles in some cases, just because you won’t let go and free your mind.

Learn to let go. Some of these people had no idea that they hurt you – they did not even intend to do so. And yes, there are those who deliberately set out to hurt you; why give them so much power over you that hours, days, weeks, later you are still thinking about them and what they did? You need to take responsibility for your happiness and OWN your feelings. You can make up your mind to be happy today. Make up your mind to let go of the hurt, sadness and bitterness.

Set yourself free!





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