Get Your Glam On Without The Stress

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Looking and feeling our best is something all of us want for the big occasions in our lives. Whether it’s a big holiday party, a family gathering, being the bride, being a wedding guest or going along to our prom, getting ourselves on top form can sometimes be quite stressful. When you think about getting your glam on, where do we begin? What do we need to take care of? Don’t leave everything until the last minute – that’s a sure fire recipe for despair. If it’s a significant occasion, leave enough time to have everything planned out well before the day – and that will eliminate most or all of the drama, so you’re free to concentrate on your big day.


Tips to get your glam on


Have a Trial Run


It’s definitely a good idea to have a trial run of your outfit, hair and makeup before the day, so that there are no last minute problems. This means getting everything sorted with time to spare, so plan in enough time to cover shopping for prom dresses or whatever you need to do for your occasion. Book any hair or makeup appointments ahead of time and plan the details, including what footwear and accessories you need to complete your outfit. Then if anything doesn’t work together or fit properly and you need to find an alternative, you’ll have time to sort one out. You could even take some pictures to see how your outfit is coming together!


Plan in a Pamper Day


You don’t want to leave too many beauty chores to the day itself – that way you’ll end up rushing and getting stressed out. So if you can, plan out a day ahead of your event to spend on self care. Need a mani pedi? Book into the salon a few days before. Planning to wax your legs? The same goes here. The only things you want to be concerned about on the day are getting your hair and makeup done, and concentrate on having fun! Also use the time to try a deep conditioning hair mask, an exfoliation and moisturising mask for your face and some teeth whitening strips if you like. Focus on improving the canvas, and the final touches in getting your glam on will be simple on the night.


get your glam on with sleep
Photo by Sherry Zhu on Unsplash


Get Your Glam On With Plenty of Sleep


Good quality sleep can make all the difference to your enjoyment of the event, so try to make sure the evening before is a relaxing one that ends with an early night! Taking a deep bath, with some aromatherapy oils, candles and soothing music can make you feel extremely chilled out and lead to a refreshing night’s sleep. Make sure you sip on plenty of water to keep hydrated and clear your skin.


Allow Enough Time


There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed ahead of your big event, so make sure you have plenty of time. With your pampering done and your outfit sorted ahead of time, also make sure you know how long you’ll need to travel to your destination and allow a few extra minutes in case of traffic. Soon you’ll be arriving in style – fresh, stress-free and ready to party!



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