Ghanaian Shito Grilled Chicken Recipe

This is a recipe for Ghanaian shito grilled chicken, which I really love.

I grew up in a home Growing up in a home that¬†had a large poultry farm. With that much exposure to chicken, you wouldn’t think that I would love eating it so much. But I do.

I loved how my mum would fry or grill chicken for Christmas or Easter or any other celebration at home. I had the job of slaughtering , cleaning and then getting it oven or oil ready.

Ghanaian Shito Grilled Chicken

Fast forward years later and I was excited to find this recipe for Ghanaian shito grilled chicken by the Nigerian food and lifestyle blogger, Sisi Yemmie. I was wowed because of how much I love chicken. She introduced this Ghanaian Pepper sauce which is great for grilled chicken.

I tried it out and couldn’t resist the taste so I incorporated it into my family recipe (you should too). You can get this in any good department store. This is the one I use in the picture below (and yes, that’s me holding the jar of Shito sauce).

shito sauce for grilled chicken
The taste is great and I’m very sure you would love this recipe as much as I did.



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