How To Go Vividly Vintage

We live in a very modern world, full of clean lines, white walls and chrome furnishings. Sometimes all that modernity can be stifling, and we crave the look of a time gone by, and therefore we have vintage furniture and retro styles. Vintage can sometimes be mixed up with shabby chic, and they’re both different. Installing some vintage style into your living room can make the whole room feel warmer and most of the things you can buy can come from thrift stores and garage sales. This means you can achieve a retro, vintage look on a small budget.


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A vintage look or style is one that comes from the 1920-1960s for the most part, and it comes from layering the colours and patterns in the room you’re decorating and give it an ‘older’ look. We’ve gathered up some colour and style ideas so you can incorporate some vintage looks into your home.


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In a vintage lounge, the floors are typically wooden. Victorian vintage rooms usually have tongue and groove flooring as opposed to the wide planks like these of a country living room. It may sound cold, but when paired with oriental rugs, you can bring the room to life. if you don’t have the option of installing wooden floors, get large area rugs to layer over the carpet.



Two-tone walls are very much in vintage style. Think wainscoting halfway up the wall, topped with duck egg or slate blue. Break the colours up with a chair rail for that Victorian library look. If you prefer wallpaper, faded floral is always a great way to give a retro flair to the room. Be creative with floral stencils if you can’t change the walls completely.


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Always decide on the look you are going for before you choose your furniture. Think a vintage Chesterfield leather sofa with mismatched cushions. Think camel back chairs or sofas covered in chintz. You can go all out with your vintage furniture choices, but think of a theme first so you know where to shop.



Your vintage living room should have accessories that reflect the style of the room. Bright, patterned quilts that are thrown over the back of the sofas and ornate, gilt lampshades and pewter plates are all the types of décor you need for your vintage living room.


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Layering your furniture and colours so they don’t match can make a vintage living room look so authentic. You want to be able to relax in a room that is cosy and warm, and a retro look can really do this for you. There are so many online ideas for vintage living rooms, that you are totally spoilt for choice. Retro-inspired rooms and décor are making such a comeback in the design world, so take advantage and make it happen!



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