Goals and How to Keep Motivated

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We all start the year high on motivation, but somewhere along the line we get discouraged. How do you keep fired up through the trying months?


It’s the beginning of the year. Most of us have our goals written out and we’re fired up to achieve something this year. However as the year goes on, we begin to droop, lose momentum. What do you do to overcome those periods when the spark and enthusiasm doesn’t burn so bright? Here are a few suggestions.


Prepare ahead

You need to understand that those days will come. No matter how motivated you seem at the moment, there will be days, weeks, entire periods when you will question just why you are doing what you are doing. Discouragement will set in and it is going to take determination to keep on track. It is important to prepare ahead and here are ways you can do just that:

Write down your goals.

Have a list of things you want to achieve this year. For instance, I know that I want to increase my income this year and there are a number of ways I could do that. But what I decided on was to create a new product, which I’ll tell you about very soon.


Write down your why.

Why do you want to achieve these goals? What does it mean for you? If you do not meet your goals, what is it going to mean for your lifestyle? Write down these thigs and know just what is at stake for you.

Have timelines and details.

For my new product, I know exactly what I want to do, who my target market is, where I’m going to market it and how many I need to sell each month in order to meet my income target. Having these details laid out and tied to timelines will help me keep focused in the months to come. If it is possible, break down your goals into smaller bits and attach a time line to each sub-goal.

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Have a strong support system.

Support is going to be essential as you go along. You need people (or a person) who understand what you are about, see where you’re headed and give you 100 percent support. This is not the time to share your ideas with those who are always negative and claim to be pragmatic. Those people are helpful, but you need someone in your corner who will cheer you on when you just want to give up.

Keep a journal.

Have a place where you write down your thoughts, particularly now when you are so full of enthusiasm and fire. Then those days when you begin to question yourself you can go back to the stuff you’ve written and get encouraged.


These tips will help you when you begin to feel discouraged. Late I will share what you can do to get out faster when you are in the middle of a funk. What do you do when you’re struggling to stay on track with your goals?




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