God, I Love You!: Show It

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For the majority of us, this phrase has been said in various ways. Either just lip service, or, from deep within, really heartfelt. We need to move beyond just saying it. We must show God that we love Him. This is in response to the love He daily shows to each of us, in other words, “I love Him because He first loved me!”

There a few ways of saying “God I love you”:


Talking to God is the first way of “saying” it. In prayer, you tell Him how much you love Him, and all that He has created. In prayer, you also say “Thank you!” for all the wonderful things He does daily for you.

Good Deeds

When we talk about good deeds, we are not referring to just friends and family. Random-acts-of-Kindness are also needed. If you love God, then this should come naturally as He has shown the example on different occasions.

Honour the Name of the Lord

One way is by helping others believe in God. The way you live your life is the surest way of either dishonouring or honouring God. Live a life worthy of the God you say you love. We need to also guard our speech and not take His name in vain.

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Love YOU

We need to first love ourselves because if we do not, we cannot really love those around us. Love yourself because you know who and whose you are. By this, your confidence will speak to those around you.

Love your Enemies

In the world we live in today we forget this part. Hate for anyone that offends you is the first reaction. God loves us, no matter how silly we get and how often we dishonour His name. Take a cue and show Him.

Forgive and be Compassionate

Similar to the above but not totally the same. Your loved ones could wrong you and you do not forgive, as I sign of love for God… FORGIVE! Let your heart go out to those in one need or another around you.


  • Once you really love God, He knows.
  • You do not strive to earn the love of God. It is FREE!
  • Prayer is a conversation: You talk and God responds.
  • One step at a time and you will find doing all these easier as you grow.



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