Great Gifts For Fashion-conscious Men

There’s more to men’s fashion gifts than ties and socks. For the fashion-conscious man, why not try a few of these gift ideas?


Bespoke clothing


For a piece of clothing that’s truly unique, go bespoke. This could be a tailor-made jacket or a pair of custom-made shoes. You could even consider personalising an item of clothing by having it monogrammed with their initials. This could be embroidered onto the pocket of a blazer or printed on the front of a hat. Bespoke clothing can be expensive but it’s sure to be more personal and appeals to the fashion-conscious man.


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Grooming kits


As a small stocking filler, you could consider a male grooming kit. Now is a great time to shop around for Christmas gift sets involving hair products as well as beard grooming gear. Don’t just go for the cheapest kit out there – make it something a little more special that you can’t get on the high street. Read online reviews sites to find the most reputable products out there.


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Sportswear could be a great gift for those that like to be active. In these cold winter months, consider thermal clothing and winter hoodies for encouraging exercise outdoors. Also consider sportswear for more niche activities such as elite swimwear and cycling gear. Some people may also be going skiing in the new year – a new ski jacket and salopettes could be a cool gift to consider.


Wearable tech for fashion conscious men
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Wearable tech


Many guys love their gadgets. Wearable tech can be a great gift idea to consider for combining a love of technology and fashion. There are your usual fitness bracelets and fitness watches, ideal for those that like to keep progress of their exercise. There are also shoes and t-shirts can give body stats using sensors for something a little more unusual. When it comes to non-fitness-related gear, you could consider cordless headphones. There are also ‘smart bags’ – these contain a portable charger within them so that you can keep your phone powered up on the go. Big tech retailers may have discounts on this tech, especially around Cyber Monday.


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fashion conscious footwear




Men like their shoes too. For a special treat, you could consider a pair of designer trainers or some formal work brogues. Top shoe brands can be expensive but there are often lots of deals leading up to the Christmas period, including Black Friday. Sometimes you can find brand new shoes that have never been worn on second-hand sites and Facebook buy and sell pages. People may have received shoes as a gift in the wrong size and therefore may have chosen to flog them online. Couponing may also help you to get deals.



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