Hair Tips: Dos and Dont’s For Healthy Hair

We all care about our hair and want it to look as beautiful as possible. Hair care boils down to a couple of dos and don’ts – what you should be doing to your hair and what you should avoid.


Do Moisturize

To moisturize means to make less dry, and dry hair breaks.  You would have noticed that your hair likes water, it just drinks It up. Wet your hair before applying your hair products. If you are averse to pouring water on your hair daily, put water and drops of any natural oil into a spray bottle and spritz on your hair daily.


Wash your hair regularly

I don’t know if anyone else was told this or I had a really lazy stylist but my stylist back in the day told me that the more I wash my hair, the more unrelaxed it becomes. I was only relaxing my hair twice a year then so I considered it logical to reduce the amount of times I washed my hair to keep it in a relaxed state. I would go 2/3 months without washing my hair and I would justify it.


Out of experience, I can tell you that dirty hair won’t grow as fast as clean hair. Your hair would become coated with dirt, sweat and every other product you put on it. Applying products on dirty hair would coat the hair even more so your hair is suffocated and smelly. Your hair needs to breathe.


PS: Washing your hair too often could be counterproductive as it would strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle.

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Condition your hair regularly

Conditioner makes your hair softer and less dull. One of the major ingredients in conditioner is water and water is good for your hair. Leave the conditioner on your hair for a while (about 20 minutes) for maximum effect.


Trim your hair

This doesn’t mean you should cut your hair unnecessarily. The ends of our hair tend to be more damaged than the roots. Don’t hold on to split ends, trim them off every now and then else they spread upwards.


Don’t Use small combs to detangle

Especially if your hair is full – you might think using a small comb to detangle is very efficient but its damaging. You could do it if you relaxed your hair days back – the comb would just slide right through because your hair is silky. But if you haven’t relaxed in a while or your hair is natural, using small combs will cause excessive breakage and leave you with a headache. Instead, use wide tooth combs to detangle or detangle with your fingers.


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Don’t Use sulfate shampoos

Shampoos with sulfate have been known to cause fizziness in curly hair and has been shunned by hair experts. Though non-sulfate shampoos do not produce as much lather as their bubbly counterparts, it works just as well and is made from mostly natural ingredients. If a shampoo is sulfate free, it’s usually written boldly on the body. To see if your shampoo has sulfate, read the list of ingredients provided.


Wear tight hairstyles often

Tight hairstyles would strain the roots of your hair making it easier for your front hair to come off


Relax your hair often

While relaxer may have the silky effect on your hair, it is still made with harsh ingredients that would damage your hair when used too often. Relaxing your hair every other month is a bit excessive and you would notice that your hair would lose its usual fullness and weight.


Constantly apply heat to your hair

Straightening your hair makes it look straight out of a magazine but constant exposure to heat would thin your hair. Limit the amount of times you straighten your hair or go under a dryer. When using a hand dryer, hold it a safe distance from your hair. You can also buy heat protectant for your hair from the beauty store.




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