Hairstyle Tips For Middle Aged Men

When they’re younger, men won’t take too much care about what they do with their hair but as they get older it becomes more of a problem. Letting it go gray and start falling out will really show your age so if you want to remain looking younger for longer, you’ll have to do something with your hair. Copying the styles that all the kids are wearing is never going to work. You won’t pull it off and you’ll be left looking pretty ridiculous. Cultivating a good hairstyle as an older man takes a bit more careful planning. If you’re struggling to decide what you’re going to do with your hair, check out these tips.


hairstyle tips - going bald
Going Bald


One of the biggest challenges that men face with their hair is going bald. Some of you might be lucky enough to keep your full head of hair as you get older, but for most people, you’ll have to face the fact that you’re going to start losing your hair. When you’re going bald you have two choices; commit to it or fight it. If you want to keep your hair, then you can get FUE for hair loss treatment.

The treatment takes donor hair from your existing hair and transplants it into the areas where you are starting to lose it. This will help you to continue growing a thick head of hair. If you aren’t too attached to your hair then going bald is an option. You can still look good without your hair but if you’re going to commit to it then you should shave it all off. Keeping half of it and trying to comb it over will make you look older than anything else.


When your hair is first starting to thin out, you don’t need to shave it all off yet. Go to your local barbers and speak to them about it, they should be able to give you a specific haircut to suit thinning hair.


hairstyle tips - going grey


Going Gray


When your hair starts to go gray you can color it but you need to be incredibly careful. Using a really dark dye will make it so obvious that you’ve colored it and it won’t look good. If you are going to dye it then go for something a bit more subtle and maybe let a bit of the gray show through still. The truth is, gray hair isn’t that bad. It can actually look pretty good if you embrace it.


hairstyle tips for men -


Facial Hair


Facial hair is very fashionable at the minute so if you get it right you can shave years off. It draws attention away from your thinning hair and makes you look more stylish. An untidy beard is a definite no because it will make you look a lot older and unkempt. Instead, you need to go the other way entirely. Always go for a very neatly trimmed beard and keep all of the lines nice and straight. Always make sure that you use a nose hair trimmer as well to keep things tidy.




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