A Health Guide For Women In Their 30s And Beyond

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Entered Your 30s? 4 Essentials to Take Care of Your Health as You Age.


Ageing is a big deal for women. And let us accept that women don’t age as men do and the slump is sudden and visible. It is only the lucky few endowed with some genetic mutation that keeps ageing from manifesting so clearly. However, it is not just what it shows, but also what happens within your body.


Whether you have just entered your 30s or it has been years since you did, we are sure that there is at least some level of anxiety about your health. Thankfully the advent of various anti-ageing medications and lifestyle choices has made it possible for us to deal with the effects of ageing and live a comfortable life.

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Women who are moving towards the middle of their lives can now do the following to lead a hearty, healthy life.

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1) Taking Various Supplements:


Supplements, as the name says, are for supplementing the lack of certain nutrients and minerals that your body loses as you age. You can take the following supplements:


A) Calcium Supplements:


Calcium is noted to reduce women in their 30s and beyond significantly. You can start by taking calcium tablets as per your age. Your body requires calcium for a normal functioning of your bones. If you want to save yourself from osteoporosis, the hollowing of bones due to ageing, a regular calcium intake is necessary. Besides, you can also consume cow’s low fat-free milk for meeting your calcium requirements.


B) Probiotics:


As we age, our digestion becomes poorer, and this can lead to various health disorders. This is one of the chief reasons why one may have a bloated stomach in their 40s. By consuming probiotic drinks or medicines, filled with digestion-friendly bacteria, you can redeem your digestive system to a healthy functioning level.


C) B-Vitamins:


Hormonal problems can make a woman grumpy along with her periods. B Vitamins help you to regulate your hormones and help you maintain the balance of your life. Although you can have your B-Vitamins from natural foods such as grains, fish, eggs, and white meat, you may not get to have these foods all the time due to a hectic lifestyle. Therefore, it is always better to have these supplements in a constant consumption according to the directions of doctors.


D) Micronutrients:


Besides Vitamin-B other micronutrients such as zinc, calcium and folate are required to keep a healthy balance of hormones in a woman’s body.

micronutrients for 30s health


2) Breast Examinations:


Breast cancer is a serious health issue among women all over the world. It is considered as the number one health issue for women all over the world. You get yourself tested for breast cancer from time to time. In fact, even you can do a self-test for the faintest possibilities of the disease. It is always better to get rid of the problem while there is time.


3) Do Yoga:


You can do certain Yogic exercises that can help you to stay sharp and healthy for the most part in your 30s, 40s and beyond. Especially, Vipassana, also known as “mindfulness” is an effective way to stay focused and alert in the face of stress and life in general.


You can also do exercises such as Pranayama and Surya Namaskara. It is one of the best ways to help you to maintain your body organs, especially your muscles and your heart. Also, these Yogic practices keep you happy and functioning all the year around.


4) Health Check-ups:


As you age, your body starts deteriorating, and this can lead to a lousy health later in your middle ages and beginning of the old age. You can get the following health check-ups done to maintain a steady health.


A) Blood Pressure Check Up: As you age, your blood pressure becomes unstable, and a hectic lifestyle may add to this. You can either face hypertension or hypotension depending on your specific case. Therefore, it is always better to ensure that you can keep it to a normal level.


B) Heart Check Up: As your ticker becomes old, it grows fragile, no longer capable of pumping blood through your body as it used to do before. Therefore, a regular bi-annual heart checks up is a good idea so that you know you remain in the pink of health.

C) Cervical Check Up: This is the most common type of cancer in women after breast cancer. Regular check-ups for cervical cancer are a must so that you can keep this deadly killer away before it gets you.

health checkups in your 30s


Although we cannot stop ageing, we can make sure that we age gracefully and healthily.

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