Herbal Blend Intensive Leave-in Conditioner Review



For most women, a good leave-in conditioner is essential, however, getting the right one for your hair could be a bit tricky. There are so many out there but one which is slowly beginning to dominate the Nigerian market is Herbal Blend Intensive leave-in conditioner by Recare. It is one I have used for several months, so here is my honest review of the product.


What it is supposed to do


According to the text on the product, Herbal blend intensive leave-in conditioner “rebuilds damaged hair and repairs split ends.” Here is more text:


USE: provides instant continuous conditioning treatment for ultimate hair care. It restores, conditions and revitalises normal to dry hair. It’s light non-greasy formula preserves healthy balance and adds shine 24/7


Okay, so that is a lot that it promises to do. Does it live up to its manufacturer’s promises?


My Honest Opinion about Herbal Blend Intensive Leave-in Conditioner


I have natural hair and so I am careful what goes on my hair. That said, a good leave-in conditioner is really important or I will be unable to comb my hair and it will look like a bird nested in it once it gets dry. So the first time I bought this leave-in conditioner, it was with lots of prayers and crossed fingers.


When using it, I realized two things: it actually does live up to its promise to provide constant conditioning. And the texture of my hair after using it was soft and it made my hair really manageable.


I have looked at the ingredients and though I stared intently at the words, I can’t say I really understood whether they were good or bad for me. There were several acids though (Hyaluronic, Linoleic and Linolenic).


Herbal blend intensive leave-in recare




It had no adverse effect on my hair and I have used 3 bottles already. I love it and can’t imagine washing my hair without using Herbal Blend Intensive Leave-in Conditioner. And added plus is that it is a Nigerian company.


Have you used any of the Herbal Blend products? What was your experience?





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