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Welcome to Two Aside, where we discuss questions that are sent to us by various women. Some we fully discuss on the Facebook page, others we don’t. This one was one that was shared with me several weeks ago and after the issue was dealt with satisfactorily and the woman made peace with her husband, she agreed that I should post it on the page so that the replies could help others going through a similar situation in their marriage. The replies on the page are SO good, that I’m going to pick a few and post them here. First the problem…

She got married about six months ago and she is tired of the marriage. Her husband is stubborn and doesn’t seem to care. She’d told him before they got married how important her church was to her but soon after the marriage, he pulled her out and will not even consider it as an option. He insists they must attend his church which is an orthodox church and she’s not comfortable there. All her pleas fall on deaf ears. He is a good man-doesn’t beat or insult her and provides for her. But this one thing is slowly driving her crazy. Please advice.


#1. Going to an Orthodox Church might not be easy especially if you have a Pentecostal background, but reach your husband with patience and love.

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#2. Arguing will not solve the problem. Go to his church and get active.

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#3. Husband and wife should attend the same Church. Come up with a practical compromise.

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#4. You are being stubborn. Your husband is showing leadership. Be open to the plans God has for you.

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Do you agree with these comments? What advice would you give this young woman?

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