Holding Steadfast In Your Relationship While Living In A Breakup World

It seems that many people today suffer from a heightened fear of losing their partners, and that’s understandable. Social media and discussion forums have allowed anyone to voice their opinion, and voice it with a far reach. For this reason, messy breakups both personal and in the spotlight of fame are given maximum exposure, and it can be difficult to get away from as a regular user of these services.


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Unfortunately, it does seem like social media is shifting perceptions also. A million new people are accessible from the pocket of your other half, and so worrying about staying relevant in their eyes, even if completely irrational on the surface, is understandable from an emotional level. For this reason, and to counteract these issues, it might be worthwhile making sure that you have a solid attitude to holding steadfast in your relationship, and keep it strong.


If the relationship has ended, that doesn’t mean you can’t remain friends, and should hurt each other through social media pictures or snapchat stories. Even people using child custody lawyers to resolve a messy divorce are sometimes able to achieve a degree of civility in order to lessen the harm the other faces.

A relationship is like cultivating a garden. You need to make sure the weeds are cut, the flowers are watered, and the design is just right. Cultivate your relationship with these following tips:


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Any problem in human standard social discourse is resolved by an ability to communicate affably, and respectfully to one another. Always communicate about the little things that annoy you in a respectful manner, and if it isn’t taken with at least a friendly ear, your relationship might not be worth the trouble, because walking on eggshells is never a pleasant experience. However, this comes with its opposite.


You should always be willing to listen to criticism about yourself, especially when it pertains to something that is regularly voiced. If you can’t change it, then politely discuss why, if you can, then apologise and list the steps you’re going to take. A relationship is like a tug of war, except the tie in the middle of the rope must be kept evenly over the middle ground, and any deviation in any direction can serve a contrary purpose. Make sure you give and take in equal measure.


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Work Together


Working together on goals, hobbies and crafts will allow you to stay relevant and part of a team in each others eyes. It’s no accident that corporations spend thousands of dollars on ‘team building activities’ at local facilities. Working together on an activity or goal strengthens your bond with that person.

So why is this any different for a relationship? If you’ve noticed your relationship feels as though it’s on rocky ground, then why not just go for an adventure to shaken those cobwebs that have accumulated? You might find that it recreates the spontaneous conditions in which you met and fell in love in the first place.

Of course, some problems run much deeper than a vacation can fix, but you would be surprised at how many problems it can give you space to express.


Not every relationship ends up the way you’d like it to. But if it does fail, at least you’ll know you gave it your all.



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