How to Make Scouring Powder with Recycled Eggshells

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cleaning services ChicagoLearn how to make your own scouring powder from eggshells. Have you ever considered making your own scouring powder? Considering how much we use that particular cleaning item, it only makes sense to maker yours. 

Growing up, I have clear memories of my mum whipping out the blender and making a batch of scouring powder – yes, having a blender helps. It worked so well that I knew I was also going to make mine when I grew up.

Also, since it is made from eggshells, something you probaby already have at home and a substance you would have thrown away anyway, you will not only save money, but you will be practicing clean energy (in a way). It would be nice to ask cleaning services Chicago for their own tips.

homemade scouring powder

Homemade Scouring Powder

Making your scouring powder is easy and if your family uses lots of eggs, then that makes it even better. This tip works best if you bake a lot. We’ll show you a way how you can turn your love for eggs into something useful and save money in the process.

So we all have those places where there are stubborn stains in the house and you need to scrub to get them out. Places like your toilet bowl, your bathtub, sinks and ceramic tiles. Instead of spending lots of money buying brand scouring powder, this is a quick way to make yours using egg shells.

Here is the recipe below.

eggshells scouring powder

How to make your scouring powder

1. Rinse out the egg shells and put them to dry

2. Once they’re dry, place a bit in your dry blender and blend till it becomes powder

3. Mix the eggshell powder with detergent

4. Use your mixture to scrub your pots, pans, sinks and bathtub.

Do you think you will be making your own powder? It is such a handy recipe and a great way to make use of somethig you would have thrown away. Talk about recycling!

Do you have a tip that would make life easier for others? It could be a cleaning tip, or a cooking tip, or any tip at all. Anything that would make a household chore (or life in general ) easier is welcome.

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