Housewives Tip No 2 ~ Make your own scouring powder

bathroom sink

Does your family consume lots of eggs? We’ll show you a way how you can turn your love for eggs into something useful and save money in the process.

So we all have those places where there are stubborn stains in the house and you need to scrub to get them out. Places like your toilet bowl, your bathtub, sinks and ceramic tiles. Instead of spending lots of money buying brand scouring powder, this is a quick way to make yours using egg shells.

How to make your scouring powder

1. Rinse out the egg shells and put them to dry

2. Once they’re dry, place a bit in your dry blender and blend till it becomes powder

3. Mix the eggshell powder with detergent

4. Use your mixture to scrub your pots, pans, sinks and bathtub.

By making your own scouring powder, you are saving money and making use of something you would have thrown away.


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