How to Apply Lipstick : Makeup Tips

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Every lady should own at least a pair of lipstick or more, wearing a lipstick  immediately brightens your face, whitens your teeth, and makes you look younger than you should.

Not everyone knows how to apply lipstick, i will therefore show you a simple way how that can be achieved. Below are few steps on how to apply your lipstick.

  1. When applying the lipstick, hold it to your lips and carefully apply from the center of your lips to the both ends of your lips.
  2. If by mistake you go outside the lines of your lips, carefully wipe the excess lipstick away with a tissue.
  3. Ensure you have a mirror with you when applying your lipstick, so you do not go out looking like a masquerade.
  4. If after the first application you are not okay with the shade and you want it to appear darken, then you reapply again using the steps mentioned above, but remember less is more.
  5. Blot the lipstick with a tissue by opening your lips and closing them over the tissue to remove the excess lipstick.

For a more precise application of your lipstick , use a lipstick brush.


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