How to do what you’re passionate about

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Be passionate

The best selling author, Tim Ferris said that “When people suggest you follow your ‘passion’ or your ‘bliss’ I propose that they are in fact, referring to the same singular concept: excitement.”

This is profound when you think of the fact that so many people approach Monday mornings with dread and resignation. The concept of ‘work’ that most people have is that it’s boring and a chore. This is usually the case with people who spend their days doing what they feel no passion for whatsoever. When all you do is work to pay the bills, there will be nothing exciting about Mondays. Tweet this

You should spend some of your time doing what you are passionate about.

This is true whether you are a career woman, an entrepreneur or a stay at home mum. Do you spend your mornings watching Nollywood movies or shopping? Are you bored and disillusioned with the life you live? Then you need to find something you feel excited about and commit some of your time to it. You can be a Nigerian woman who is passionate about what she does.

being passionate


In an ideal world, we would all be able to leave our paid jobs and focus on our passion; and in an ideal world, that commitment will pay off in a way that we’re able to meet our regular financial obligations. But we do not live in an ideal world and the need to pay the rent and put food on the table is very real. This is the reason most people give for continuing in jobs that they are not passionate about. And it’s a valid reason.

However, according to Jim Rohn, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” If you really want to do something that you’re passionate about, you will find a way. We are not advocating that you quit your job and take up painting, although if you’re in a place where you can afford to do that and you’re passionate about painting, then by all means go ahead. What we’re saying though, is that there’s always a way to do what excites you. Tweet this

  • If you love to cook or sew but don’t have time to take it up fully, you could start a food blog or a blog about teaching people how to sew. Tweet this Share your recipes, patterns and tips. Interview others who are doing this and learn some tricks from them which you can then share with your readers. This can apply to you if you love fashion or make up. You can do all this without even leaving your home. And starting a blog is free and easy. Just go to or



  • If you’re not that keen on writing, but you don’t mind speaking, you can do a quick 2 minute video with your phone and upload to YouTube. It doesn’t take anything to create a YouTube channel and you can use it to teach or share stuff you do. If you don’t want to do video, you can do an audio recording and start a podcast, which could be daily, weekly or as often as you’re comfortable with it.


  • Some of us are passionate about teaching and it’s something we would love to do. You might even have a masters in whatever you’re passionate about or maybe not. But you can still find a way to teach. You could start something in your local place of worship or even in your neighbourhood or go online and open a Udemy account, where you can teach as many people as sign up for your courses.

You don’t have to wait until things (or opportunities) are handed out to you. Create opportunities for yourself. Tweet this Don’t wring your hands and say “I would really love to do this, but I need money…” It doesn’t take much, really; it starts with a desire and then a single step.

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How can you do what you’re passionate about?



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