How to Get in Touch with Your Spirituality

Being in touch with your spiritual side is very important…one of the most important parts of living, I guess. When we talk about spirituality, most people often think about going to church, or the mosque or some prayer house or the other. But spirituality is a personal journey and each person’s journey is unique.

It is possible to be deeply religious and totally out of sync with your soul. These are a few suggestions to help you reach out and get in touch with your spiritual side.


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Understand your values

This is not about religious norms or dogma. Jude Temple in a Huffington Post article puts it more clearly than we can:

“What I eventually stumbled upon is not one specific belief system or dogma but a collection of truths, observances, and touchstones that unswervingly lead me back to peace, that encourage me to live with an ever-opening heart, and that consistently fill me awe and wonder.”

Get to know the things that help you get in touch with your divine nature and nurture them.



Meditation is an important part of being a more spiritual being. We are not speaking of any new age practice or any specific form of meditation (although if that works for you, it’s all good). You can get some spiritual text that really speaks to you and think about it. It could be positive affirmations, or passages from a religious scripture. Take some time to read and think about the words.


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Choose a quiet moment

There is something about taking a moment to be quiet. Very early in the morning around sunrise is a really nice time to sit quietly (maybe with a cup of coffee). Some people prefer later in the day around sunset. Taking a moment to acknowledge a higher power is a great way to connect with your spirituality.


Connect with music

The soul responds to music, which is why some move us more than others. Look for music that really speaks to you. You can use this when you meditate or during the day to enhance your consciousness of the spiritual. No matter your spiritual inclination, there is music that will help you draw closer to your spiritual side.



There are many ways you can get in touch with your spiritual side and these are just a few suggestions to get you started. Feel free to experiment and discover until you find what works for you.


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