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Women Entrepreneurs will be 1 year old in October. It still astonishes us how short a time it is and yet, so much happened in such a short time. We are all about celebrating women and showcasing how inspiring you all are, which is why from now till our One Year anniversary, we want to feature women who are entrepreneurs.

What Does This Mean

If we feature your business, it means that we will write an article about you and about what you do. This is because we believe that women-run businesses need to be encouraged and given all the support possible. When a woman is in business, she’s not just in business for herself; almost an entire community of people benefit from her success: her husband, her children, her parents, her siblings…somehow, women find ways to benefit their immediate environment. And so we want to bring you and your business to the spotlight.

What You Get

When you are featured:

  • There’s an entire article dedicated to you and your business
  • You can showcase pictures of what you do
  • We will talk about your business on our Facebook Page, which has a community of close to 4,000
  • We will tweet about your business

In other words, we will ensure you get as much exposure as possible.

Free Websites

We have 5 free websites to give away. This means that you will have a domain name, ( or and you can even have an email address using your domain name. We will host the website for you and make sure everything runs smoothly for 1 year.

Like we’ve said, there are only 5 spaces available. Inform every woman in business that you know about this.

Free Adverts

We will give 5 businesses, free ad space on the site for one month.

Do You Qualify

  • Yes, you do if you fall into any of the
  • You produce and sell something
  • You run a service-based business
  • You have been in business for 6 months or more

It doesn’t matter if you run an establishment that employs several people or if you are a sole business person. Also, even if you have not formally registered your business, you still qualify.

If this sounds good to you, go ahead and fill out the questionnaire. CLICK HERE

There are 10 questions so please answer them all. We will be in touch.


Note: we determine eligibility for the websites and the free ads.


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