How to Go Through Your Week with Enthusiasm and Positivity

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It’s Monday and if you are like me, you are probably finding it a little hard to feel excited about the new work week, not because you do not love your work (or maybe you don’t), but mostly because you did not get enough quality rest during the weekend. This is usually the case for most Nigerian women. Rest is important and so is sleep. But that’s not what this is about.

Too many times we go about like helpless victims, under the hold and control of our feelings or moods. You don’t feel excited about going to work, so you go around feeling down and discouraged and before you know it, it’s Friday and your entire week passed under a cloud of negativity.

face your day with joy

Take Control of How You Feel

One of the wonderful things about being an adult is that you can take charge. Okay, you might not be able to take charge of those around you, even my 2 year old son finds ways to exert his independence, but you certainly CAN take charge of you.

You can take control of your emotions, of the way you feel. You can own your feelings and take responsibility for them. You are the boss of you. Tweet this

Studies have shown that what we think directly affects our mood. So if you find yourself feeling down in the dumps about Mondays, it could be that you have allowed negative thoughts to crowd your mind in reference to the work week and believe it or not, it is stunting your progress.

If you want to live a life that is rich, fulfilling and most importantly, happy, then you need to start thinking positive and happy thoughts. Tweet this

According to an article on Psychology TodayHappy people are more creative, solve problems faster, and tend to be more mentally alert.

take charge of your week

Change How You Think

Stop thinking about your day (or your life) in negative terms. As much as negative things happen, so do positive things, perhaps even more so. More good things happen to us than bad things. But it is human nature to focus on the bad. You can change that. You can deliberately, consciously turn your mind away from the hurtful and depressing things and focus on the positive and uplifting ones.

To understand how important positive thinking is to your overall well being, here is an excerpt from the article:

Your thoughts form your character, how you operate in the world, how far you travel mentally, physically, and spiritually. You are what you think you are, and all of your actions proceed from thought. Your inner thoughts will always be reflected in your outer circumstances, because self-generated changes in your life are always preceded by changes in the way you think about something.

It is time for you to take control of your thoughts.

Start to tell yourself good things about your week (your day or your life). Write down positive affirmations and place them where you can easily see them. Stuff like:

Today will be a good day for me

This week is bringing fresh opportunities my way

I am going to do something very important today that will impact positively on my destiny.

God has given you the power to shape your life the way you want it to be, and it all lies in your thoughts.

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