How to Improve Your Wedding Atmosphere Through Floral Design

Several elements can affect the overall atmosphere of a wedding. The floral design, however, can have a considerable influence in setting the mood for the event. If you are planning your own wedding, taking floral design workshops such as this one, will help you understand how florals work. The workshop can allow you to communicate your floral design preferences with your wedding planner or your florist better. Here are some ways that you can use floral design to improve the atmosphere of your wedding.

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Make Sure Your Preferred Flowers Are Available

While there are a host of flowers that are available year round, some plants bloom at specific months. It will be a good idea to check if your preferred blooms will be available on your wedding date. Ignoring these little details will throw your plans off, and you’ll end up using replacement flowers. While things may still turn out fine, flowers that were not part of your original vision, might not give your wedding the atmosphere that you set out to achieve.

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Set a Budget

It will be a bad idea to plan your wedding florals without considering what you are willing to spend for it. Envisioning the florals for your wedding is one thing but working your vision within your budget is another. Prior to meeting with your floral designer, think about how much you can willingly spend for your florals. Set it at a limit with enough elbow room for you to spend a bit more, just in case.

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Get in Tune With Your Florist

With your vision and budget already set, you are ready to meet and work with your florist. Your florist should be someone with whom you are comfortable working. The florist should not only understand the kind of floral arrangements that you want but make improvements with it as well. Floral designers know how colors, shades and undertones affect the overall look of an arrangement. Leave enough room for your florist’s creativity and try not to be too restrictive.

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Work Within Your Color Palette

The color palette should set the general tone and atmosphere for your wedding. Think of your palette as your canvas and your florals one of the main elements in your painting. You’ll want your floral design to complement and improve on the tone set by your canvas. Your floral designer should help you understand how your preferred arrangements affect your color palette. Encourage the florist to be honest enough to tell you straight if your preferences will throw off the kind atmosphere that you want for your wedding.

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Consider the Venue

Wedding venues either come as a blank slate or with a built-in theme. If the venue comes as a blank slate, it should be easier for you to establish your color palette and floral designs. Be on the look-out for empty and hollow areas that can make the overall look of your wedding seem wanting. You can use more florals and other design elements to fill up these areas.

If the wedding venue already has in place, such as a vineyard or a barn, your color palette and florals should enhance it. One way to achieve this would be to have a motif that works well for your venue. The motif can also serve to give the wedding more character and make it uniquely yours.


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