How to Oil Rinse Your Hair

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Hi people, we came across this article which we just loved. It’s how to oil rinse your hair and was first published on Guardian Life Magazine. Essential oils have so many benefits that we easily overlook, for instance the best treatment for dandruff that we know is Tea Tree Oil. This article will tell you more about essential oils and how good an oil rinse can be for your hair.

Why Do We Oil Rinse?

We oil rinse because it adds shine to our hair, it also adds moisture to our hair, if we suffer from dry scalp/hair, oil rinses are the best way to revitalize our hair and keep dryness at bay. Oil rinsing also softens our hair. It also helps us to easily detangle our hair. It also prevents single strand knots from forming. It helps our curls last longer and helps with moisture retention. It also helps us to prevent frizz. Oil rinsing is necessary and very helpful.

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Oils To Use.

Coconut oil: This makes hair crunchy during cold seasons so it’s best to use coconut oil during hot and warm seasons.

Castor oil:  Is really good because it helps with stimulating growth.

Avocado oil: It binds to water well, helping us lock in moisture,

Grapeseed oil:  Moisturizes and is light.

Jojoba oil:  It resembles the sebum our scalp produces.

Melted Shea butter: It is also advisable because it softens hair immediately.

Almond and olive oil too can be used.

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Shea Butter and Nuts. Image source:
Shea Butter and Nuts. Image source:

How To Oil Rinse.

We can do oil rinsing without a shampoo first, that means we can do it during a cowash, using the oil first and then conditioner.
We can also do oil rinsing on its own, that means we can oil rinse and use warm water to rinse out and then use a towel or old t shirt to blot out excess water and oil. Note that oil rinsing is very different from a prepoo. A prepoo is a treatment we do before we wash.

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